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Paper sketch with speed on Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition (PTH-660P, PTH-860P) or Wacom Intuos Pro (PTH-660, PTH-860) with the new optional Ballpoint Pen. Incorporating our latest pen technology with 8192 pressure levels, the 1.0 mm nib and long-lasting black oil ink cartridge give you the freedom to work fast and loose. When used with the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Editon (Medium or Large) or Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium or Large) and Wacom Paper Clip, the tablet can capture every stroke digitally while you draw. Three refills come as standard.

Note: "Wacom Finetip FT 0.4 refills" must be used for replacing the gel ink cartridge

  • 8192 pressure levels
  • 1.0 mm nib
  • Compatibility: Wacom Intuos® Pro PTH-660, PTH-860
  • 1 Ballpoint Pen
  • 3 Ballpoint BP 1.0 refills
  • Quick Start Guide

Wacom Intuos® Pro PTH-660, PTH-860

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